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We our passionate about helping others succeed. Through our unique perspectives and knowledge we aim to deliver a professional and authentic advising experience. An experience that delivers results through collaboration, relationships and evidence-based research. 


The Bridgify 



We get up every morning to: 

Inspire others to exceed their own expectations.

Connect the disconnect for organizations, teams, and individuals.


Guide organizations to embrace human complexity, leverage human potential, and harness the power of behavioral science to overcome obstacles and exceed their goals.

Our Values


We bring our competence, skills, expertise, experience, and high standards to
every project.


We provide a body of research, data, and facts for our clients to base their decisions on.


We believe collaborations will always yield the best results.


We believe in forming a meaningful and enduring connection to provide a truly distinctive, long-term professional experience.


We are true to our values and what we stand for.


We are committed to empowering you with knowledge and an actionable plan that will yield growth and benefit your business.


Dr. Patricia


Founder & CEO

Dr. Patricia Delgado is an experienced Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologist with 20 years of experience in organizational and business development, management and leadership, employee-employer interdependency, and employee behavioral psychology. She is the Owner/Founder & CEO of The Bridgify Group.  Her passion is to inspire leaders and individuals to exceed their own expectations through the translation of research into practice.


With knowledge and experience in the science of human behavior in the workplace, Dr. Delgado’s scope of work focuses on bridging theory and research with people management and behavior practice. As an analyst and advisor to other professional consultants, organizational leaders, and project managers, she provides expert support and knowledge from an I/O Psychology perspective through research and overall strategy design, development, and implementation of projects.


Dr. Delgado is a featured contributing author in the newly released book, 'Hispanic Star Rising: A New Face of Power.' She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Leadership, and a Doctorate degree in I/O Psychology. She also serves on the boards of multiple organizations and is in the process of writing a book and partaking in a doctoral resource guide as a contributing author.

Research Focuses: Hispanic Millennial Workforce, Hispanic Population, the Employee Psychological Contract, Participatory Action Research, Millennials, Leading a Minority Workforce, Workplace Behavior Change, as well as Recruitment and Retention strategies for Hispanic workers.

Bridging Research
and Practice

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