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Connecting Knowledge & Action

The Bridgify Group helps turn research and data into a well-informed strategy with carefully planned tactics. 

Young Business Colleagues

We specialize in not only assessing the problem, but in facilitating the strategic planning of behavioral change to power your initiatives and achieve these three goals.


Align research and objectives


Develop a strategic plan


Provide actionable

Secure a Competitive Advantage

A common challenge with most organizations is the inability to link research and data to actionable steps. This is why it is crucial to empower our clients with the evidence of research, and how it can then be translated into solutions. By doing this, we can help set our clients apart and put them ahead of the curve.

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What our Advising Phase Looks Like


Strategic Plan Development

On this journey we will be the field guide. Utilizing the research we will identify opportunities, prepare for roadblocks, define goals and map out milestones. 

Advising Workshop

Our process is not to simply deliver advice and wish you luck.  It is critically important that we work hand-in-hand to deliver the best possible plan.  We schedule a workshop, obtain feedback, and carefully tailor the strategy to fit our client's needs and capabilities.


Finalizing the Blueprint

Once the direction and strategy are formalized, we put the pieces into play.  We work with our clients to prioritize and organize the deliverables of the strategic plan, as well as create a clear blueprint for execution.

Take strategic thinking to the next level

A plan cannot be executed without understanding the people, the information, the needs, and the goals. As strategic advisors, we prioritize you, your team, and the research that will empower you. We help our clients connect and integrate all these facets by developing a clear path to success.

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