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Become an effective Research Translator 

Empower yourself with the skills to utilize scholarly research as the premise of credibility and actionable solutions that are proven to work. Learn how to easily find, translate, and use scholarly research to adapt theory into practice and solve challenging issues.


Take your professional credibility to the next level by enhancing your services with unbiased, logical, practical, timely, and relevant information.

8 Week

Approximately 40 hours

(1 hour per day)

Guided Learning Experience

 Online modules and 90 minute live weekly virtual lectures with Q&A.

Virtual Office Hours

Ask the instructors questions and get feedback live.


Chat and collaborate with your fellow cohort classmates.

What you will learn.

The Research Translator course teaches the newest and most relevant business skills that transform individuals into a selective group of research implementation professionals. Through this unique course, participants will enhance their ability to deliver credible, relevant, practical, and novel solutions. 


Developed by the expert researchers and strategic advisors of The Bridgify Group, the Research Translation Framework (the “BRIDGE”), will guide participants through a step-by-step process specifically designed to convert scientific and academic theories into practical applications. 

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Who will benefit from this course?

Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologist
Organizational Development Professionals
Project Managers 

This course is designed for Industrial-Organizational psychologists, Organizational Development professionals, researchers, project managers, and leaders who want to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities to solve on-going issues and challenges utilizing the power of scholarly research.

"My understanding and interpretation skills of research greatly increased after taking this course."
- Megan Malone, MS

"This program taught me quick and effective ways to gather evidence and it helped me to use my time in a more efficient way."
- Karina Rodriquez

"I feel much more confident bringing my proposed solutions to organizational stakeholders now that I have research backing my ideas."
- Anthony R.

"Through this program, I've found a marketable way to connect two fields of skill/expertise on my resume and I've networked with other people who are in the same boat."
- Helen Froats

Gain the Advantage

Doctoral-level Learning

The foundations of this course stem from fundamental doctoral-level scholar-practitioner research courses and are designed to cultivate a new level of competence, authority, and credibility.

Key Benefits and Features

  • A certificate of training completion

  • Letter of training completion to enhance credibility and increase marketability 

  • Mastery of the BRIDGE Research Translator Framework

  • Access to a network of fellow professionals who have completed the same training

  • New, valuable skills that will immediately add credibility and increased marketability 

  • A developmental transformation into a research implementation professional and research translator

Course Dates:
August 3rd to September 28th, 2024

Mastering the Art of Research

Translation into Action

About Your Instructors

Megan M_Indoor Headshot.jpeg

Megan Malone, M.S.

Megan Malone is an I/O psychology practitioner and social work trainer. She has her Master’s in I/O psychology, and is a certified research translator. Her personal and professional background has ignited a passion for pragmatic and compassionate change in the workforce through empirical and evidence-based research

Dr. Carole Ingram Headshot.jpg

Dr. Carole Ingram

Dr. Carole W. Ingram is an author, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, and an Adjunct College Professor with at least 26 years of traditional classroom and corporate training. Dr. Ingram’s research and writings are rooted in the science of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She studies emotional intelligence, organizational development, and behaviors in the workplace

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