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The Bridgify Collective

Bringing scholarly evidence to practice


Assisting organizations and leaders in overcoming challenges by consistently providing current, reliable, and relevant translation of scholarly research that adapts theory into practical application.

BRIDGE Builders

The Bridgify Collective is an expert brain trust of uniquely talented individuals (“BRIDGE Builders”) who perform specialized research and produce innovative solutions to organizational challenges.

We provide current, insightful, and objective solutions to enhance the productivity of organizations within the areas of business psychology to include the most relevant business challenges impacting today’s leaders and organizations. 

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Our Purpose

The Bridgify Collective’s purpose is to diligently analyze, synthesize, and translate the most current scholarly research into practical solutions for immediate application and disseminate the results to pertinent communities of practice as well as organizations and industries that may benefit.

The Collective's Goals


To serve as a platform for Industrial-Organizational practitioners and researchers to convene and share, explore, and showcase significant topics for the betterment of organizations and employees.


To advance the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology through hands-on growth, awareness, and applicability.


To assist emerging  Industrial-Organizational professionals in gaining experience and advance their skill set of research translation by bridging the practitioner-researcher gap.

The Collective's Priorites


To provide insightful analysis and novel synthesis of scholarly research, leading to the highest quality of research translation.


To bring research to the forefront of practice for application through integration and collaboration.


To use our unparalleled skills, abilities, and talents to consistently close the 16-year gap between research and application.

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