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The Center for Advanced Research and Translation

The experts in providing timely, evidence-based solutions.

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Who We Are

The Center for Advanced Research and Translation provides clients with the most up to date research and actionable solutions to impact organizational strategy and advancement. The Center is comprised of two core areas. The first is The Bridgify Collective, which serves as a think tank of Industrial-Organizational psychologists focused on analyzing current organizational challenges. The second is The Center’s specialized online learning courses. These two areas allow the Center to provide clients and organizations with a variety of customizable and standardized resources.

The Bridgify Collective

The Bridgify Collective is the catalyst for bringing scholarly evidence to practice for all types of organizations by bridging the gaps between scholarly research, workplace behaviors, social aspects, decision making, problem solving, organizational processes, innovation, employees, management, strategy, and actionable initiatives. Work performed by this group yields novel and practical solutions to the most complex organizational challenges.

Online Meeting

Online Learning Courses

The Bridgify Center for Advanced Research and Translation is dedicated to improving the fields of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Project Management, Human Resources, and Organizational Development,through the delivery of online learning resources. The Bridgify Center provides on-demand and self-paced learning courses to optimize untapped skills.

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