The Recruitment and Retention of Hispanic Millennials in the Workplace.

The Hispanic millennial professional passionately believes in advancing their career to achieve the American dream. Through the combination of demographic and generational characteristics embodied in the Hispanic millennial, the days of overlooking and neglecting this population within the American workforce have passed. There is an urgency for organizations to clear the biased rhetoric currently in motion to stay competitive and build a robust, diverse human capital foundation. The need for leaders at all levels to gain understanding and knowledge about the Hispanic millennial’s cultural and psychological insights is pivotal. Using the psychological contract theory and an organizational/individual cultural concept model, leaders will gain a comprehensive learning approach. With the continual growth and ultimately representing the workforce’s majority status, the Hispanic millennial professional should not be overlooked but championed.

The following is a brief introduction to Dr. Delgado's Applied Doctoral Project where she constructed a three-day leadership participatory program series for organizational leaders who acknowledge the need for change when it comes to effective recruitment and retention strategies for Hispanic millennial professionals. If you would like to read the complete Applied Doctoral Project, please download the full document.

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