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El Puente Institute
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The Bridgify Group
2023 Webinars

Female College Students

Foundations of Research

Become an expert at using scientific databases, understanding Evidence-Based Practice, and learning all the unique techniques utilized by highly skilled researchers.

Learn to:
  • Apply Evidence-Based Practice

  • Clearly define the problem/issue/challenge

  • Develop a comprehensive search strategy

  • Acquire scholarly research

  • Systematically compile evidence

  • Examine the quality of scholarly evidence


Coming Soon
Working Mother

Advanced Level Research

Empower yourself with the skills to aquire and utilize scholarly research as the premise of credibility and actionable solutions that are proven to work.

Learn to:
  • Perform analysis and synthesis

  • Successfuly formulate solutions

  • Devise facilitation strategies

  • Evaluate decisions and actions

  • Adapt theory into practice

  • Use the Kolbe A Index to leverage your strengths

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Research Masterclass

Course info coming soon.

  • The BRIDGE translation framework

  • Development of multiple facilitation strategies

  • Acquiring and translating research

  • Evaluation techniques

  • Integrating all facets of research translation


Coming Soon
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