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Ascender for Emerging Leaders

Using evidence-based research and strategy creation to support emerging Hispanic/Latino leaders.

Business Presentation

Ascender for Emerging Leaders focuses on leveraging Hispanic/Latino identity and cultural values as an integral part of leader development.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program is designed for individuals who are newly promoted to supervisory or management positions.


This program is centered around three main areas: Embodying, Understanding, and Achieving. Within these areas, other focused leadership competencies are explored.


Curriculum topics include cultural awareness, adaptability, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, building trust, building relationships, teamwork, communication, focus, and resilience


What to Expect

 The Ascender Emerging Leadership program is a comprehensive Hispanic/Latino leadership professional development program designed to provide participants with a unique cultural foundation of learning. The program focuses to create awareness of the many cultural drivers influencing Hispanics/Latinos.

This unique program will allow Emerging leaders to:

Self- Assessment
  • Gain awareness about foundational values and integral facets of the Hispanic/Latino identity. 

  • Recognize information and data points specific to the perception of cultural assumptions and interactions. 

  • Receive quality feedback about shared cultural beliefs and identity.

Mastermind Groups
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring groups designed to discuss relevant topics and provide feedback.

  • Opportunities to collectively reflect and brainstorm on challenges and solutions.

  • Receive support from facilitators and peers.

Expert Panel Events
  • An interactive panel of specialists presenting topics related to leadership and cultural drivers.

  • Exposure to quality experts during collaborative discussions.

  • Opportunities to actively engage with subject matter authorities.

Leadership Training
  • Participate in customized training sessions based on Hispanic/Latino cultural drivers. 

  • Expand skills, abilities, and capacity to lead. 

  • Learn to integrate existing and new leadership skills.

  • Additional resources shared throughout the program.

  • Supplemental resources that offer high quality and impact in small bursts.

  • Enhancement of skills through efficient and effective means.

Coaching Sessions
  • Personalized mentoring to provide more profound knowledge, supporting tools, and additional resources.

  • Receive guidance and advice regarding vision, values, goals, priorities, challenges, risks, and plans.

  • Formalize an individual strategy for knowledge application and success.

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