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Ascender for Executives

Using evidence-based research and strategy building to support emerging Hispanic/Latino leaders.


Ascender for Executives focuses on leveraging Hispanic/Latino identity and cultural values as an integral part of leader development.

Hispanic/Latino Executives

The program for Executives is designed for individuals who are experienced in senior management/leadership positions.


This program is centered around three main areas: Embodying, Understanding, and Achieving. Within these areas, other focused leadership competencies are explored.


Curriculum topics include values, vision, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, diversity management, crisis management, innovation, fostering an ethical climate, developing a global mindset, and strategic planning.

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What to Expect

Ascender focuses on leveraging Hispanic/Latino identity and cultural values as an integral part of leader development. Participants learn how these embedded values can positively and adversely influence behavior and workplace interactions.

This unique program will allow Executive leaders to:

  • Gain awareness about foundational values and integral facets of the Hispanic/Latino identity. 

  • Recognize information and data points specific to your perception of cultural assumptions and interactions. 

  • Receive quality feedback about shared cultural beliefs and identity

Implementation Labs
  • Participate in team meetings where leadership skills can be further developed.

  • An opportunity to practice what has been learned throughout the program.

  • Strategize and integrate peer and facilitator feedback.

Mastermind Groups
  • Participate in peer-to-peer mentoring groups to discuss relevant topics.

  • Gain opportunities to collectively reflect and brainstorm on challenges and solutions.

  • Receive support from facilitators and peers through constructive feedback.

Coaching Sessions
  • Gain personalized mentoring to provide more profound knowledge, supporting tools, and additional resources.

  • Receive guidance and advice regarding vision, values, goals, priorities, challenges, risks, and plans.

  • Formalize an individual strategy for knowledge application and success.

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