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Interviewing as an IO: Conquer Your Imposter Syndrome.

Graduating and entering the IO field or changing careers can be difficult. Trying to figure out how to translate your current skills to a new field or course work experience to your resume can be daunting. This course is framed around equipping you with the tools you need to succeed, how to tackle that pesky imposter syndrome and connect you with communities to help you be empowered and successful.

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Conquer your imposter syndrome and take your networking skills to the next level with our interactive training that provides you with the feedback and support you need to level up.

4 Week

Approximately 30 hours

(1 hour per day)

Guided Learning Experience

Guided Learning Experience through Interactive Online Learning Modules and 1 hour live weekly lectures with Q&A


Chat and collaborate with your fellow cohort classmates.

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What you will learn.

Developed by the experts and strategic advisors of The Bridgify Group, the Interviewing as an I/O course is a unique and targeted course that guides participants through a step-by-step process specifically designed to enhance the multi-faceted skill set of interviewing and honing in on what sets you apart.


The course will provide participants with the ability to translate their current skills to fit a job description of their choosing. This distinctive and undervalued skill set is one of the most relevant competencies for students and professionals transitioning careers. The ultimate learning outcome for participants after completing the course is the ability to market themselves, feel confident in doing so, and make lasting network connections to propel their careers.

Who will benefit from this course?

Early or Mid-Career I/O Psychologists
Early or Mid- Career Organizational Development professionals
Post Bachelors &
Graduate Students
I/O Professionals transitioning from one area of I/O to another

This course is designed for Early or Mid-career Industrial-Organizational psychologists, Early or Mid-career Organizational Development professionals, Post Bachelors & Graduate students, and I/O Professionals transitioning from one area of I/O to another who want to enhance their interviewing ability.

Gain the Advantage

Doctoral-level Learning

The foundations of this course stem from fundamental skills needed to network and translate your skills for job advancement and are designed to cultivate greater competence, confidence, and connections. 

Key Benefits and Features

  • A certificate of training completion

  • Mastery of skills to help propel your career forward

  • Opportunity for practice and feedback from peers on elevator pitch and informational interviewing skills

  • New, valuable skills that will immediately add credibility and increased marketability 

  • Exclusive lifetime membership to the Linked in Bridgify Group ( Access to research, community, and network)

Course Schedule

Coming Soon

About Your Instructor

Rachel Hernandez_edited.jpg

Rachel Hernandez, Ph.D.

Rachel Hernandez is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with ten years of clinical experience. She obtained her master’s degree in clinical psychology and has worked in non-profit, federal, and community mental health settings. She is passionate about creating positive organizational change and applying skills from both the clinical and IO worlds. 

Throughout her career, she has established a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. Her expertise encompasses all aspects of strategic planning, program development, change management, research translation, client relationship, team leadership, and cultural understanding. She has demonstrated skills in employing research and analytical thinking to help organizations and leaders adapt and operate effectively in ambiguous or rapidly changing environments.

Research interests include: Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging, Teleworking employees, Techno-stress, Cyberloafing, Hybrid workplaces.

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