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El Puente Institute

Supporting organizations with effective Hispanic/Latino recruitment and retention strategies through specialized professional development initiatives.

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El Puente Institute prides itself on empowering the Hispanic/Latino workforce and communities to recognize their capacity to stand in their power.

El Puente Institute fosters the development of critical leadership skills by enhancing self-awareness, cultural relevance, and cultural intelligence to advance the Hispanic/Latino workforce.

The institute conducts research and delivers professional development centered around the influence of Hispanic/Latino cultural drivers from psychological and behavioral perspectives.


El Puente is focused on discovering and sharing the impact and influence that cultural drivers have on the success of the Hispanic/Latino community and workforce.


Advancing the Hispanic/Latino workforce


Cultural drivers, also known as cultural repertoires, scripts, and cultural schemas, are commonly held assumptions, patterns of interactions, and beliefs that influence social exchanges and communications particular to a cultural group. They are a way of thinking about what one can or cannot do and what one can or cannot say when interacting with others.


Cultural drivers can limit or empower an individual’s range of actions to access and draw from a script when handling different situations on a personal or professional level.

El Puente Institute is focused on discovering and sharing the impact and influence that cultural drivers have on the success of the Hispanic/Latino community and workforce.

The Bridgify Group and El Puente Institute pride themselves on leading the research on Hispanic/Latino cultural drivers and their impact.

Cultural Drivers

Learn more about Cultural Driver through our exclusive Masterclass
Empowering Latino/Latina Leaders: Unleashing Our Cultural Drivers for Success

El Puente Institute's Mission


To be a community where Hispanic/Latino professionals of all backgrounds can come together to better understand themselves and recognize the facets of the culture that are unique to them.


To address challenges and barriers of the Hispanic/Latino workforce by developing optimal solutions for upward mobility and advancement.

Education & Research
Educación & Investigación

To educate Hispanics/Latinos about cultural drivers and lead ground-breaking



To bypass barriers that can impede collaboration by utilizing our research to inform perceptions and behaviors regarding the multicultural state of the nation.


To empower Hispanics/Latinos to celebrate their culture and successfully navigate the adversities that society may place upon them.

La Conciencia

To create a new narrative that encompasses awareness of cultural drivers and prepares leaders for that reality instead of acting off of unconscious ancestral narratives.

 Ascender Leadership Development Programs

El Puente Institute's Ascender leadership development programs focus on leveraging Hispanic/Latino identity and cultural drivers as an integral part of leader development. Emerging and Executive leaders learn how these cultural drivers can positively and adversely influence behavior and workplace interactions. The program includes various elements and learning approaches, allowing participants to apply what they have learned.

These unique programs will enable participants to:


Understand how the Hispanic/Latino identity presents itself in workplace relationships, behaviors, decision-making, and expectations.


Engage in thoughtful and meaningful discussions regarding how leadership skill sets and the Hispanic/Latino identity integrate to become predominant leadership assets.


Learn about Hispanic/Latino cultural drivers and their impact on everyday decisions and behaviors.


Embrace the strength of cultural drivers and use it as an advantage.

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Ascender for Emerging Leaders

Curriculum topics include cultural awareness, adaptability, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, building trust, building relationships, teamwork, communication, focus, and resilience.

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Ascender for Executives

Curriculum topics include values, vision, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, diversity management, crisis management, innovation, fostering an ethical climate, developing a global mindset, and strategic planning.

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